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Fallout Simulator is a text-based game that lets you explore how you and your friends might fare in the case of your everyday nuclear apocalypse.

While the playstyle is more observation than watching, that doesn't mean it isn't exciting. I've had a lot of fun with my friends adding ridiculous characters, and rooting for who you think will survive the longest. Personally, I've put a lot of time and effort into this game, and my ultimate goal is to provide an entertaining experience for the player.

Installation Instructions:

1. Drag the "Fallout Simulator" folder to wherever you want to store the game.
2. Open the folder you copied earlier, and double-click "Fallout Simulator.exe". The game should now run!
3. (Optional) To make accessing the game easier, navigate to the folder you copied earlier and use the right-mouse button to drag "Fallout Simulator.exe" to your desktop. Then click: "Create shortcuts here".

Bam. You're done! I hope you enjoy our game.


Programming: Jake Ledoux
Writing: Mezrah Masada, Jake Ledoux, and Mariano Vasquez
Localization: qClemrd
Soundtrack: Cube Panda (https://soundcloud.com/cubepanda)



- Removed homophobic content. 


+ The ability to see your current character roster in the menu.
+ The ability to remove characters before you start the game. (Phew!)
+ Lots more events.

~ You can now cancel names instead of restarting the game.
~ The game now automatically removes trailing spaces from name entries.
~ Various tweaks and bug fixes.


+ There is now a 1 in 20 chance of a mysterious intervention taking place after a day finishes.
+ Lots of new events, meaning lots more variety!
+ French translation (Thanks Clém for all your help!)
+ A few hidden easter eggs.
+ Music (With much, much more on the way! Thanks, Cube Panda!)
+ Splashscreen

~ The game now asks if you'd like to play again instead of just exiting after a round.
~ The game will now remember your terminal color preference and won't ask you every time it launches.
~ Various tweaks and bug fixes.
~ Integrated the loading of saves with the name selection screen.
~ The terminal windows now simply says "Fallout Simulator" instead of "[filedirectory] Fallout Simulator.exe".

Install instructions

Please view the included README file for instructions on how to run the game, and other useful information.


v0.4.0 French 38 MB
v0.4.1 English 38 MB
v0.4.2 English 38 MB


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